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Selected work

Production service

FOCUSED provides production services in Serbia and all across the Adriatic region. The local film&tv production community is known for its high-quality, cost-efficient work and dedication to film. As a production house, we work in first-rate production facilities and studios and cooperate with only the best film equipment rental companies, but above all, it’s through hiring expertly trained and experienced film professionals from the whole region that has proven to us year after year to attain top-class results for foreign productions.

Our Approach

Let’s be Focused!
We are boutique production house – small enough to pay super close attention to every single detail, but big enough to handle every task.
We don’t see ourselves as just a team – it’s more of a dream team. We know our job and we know each other. Experience, expertise and energy are our main strengths.
We focus on what’s important: quality, cost-effectiveness and professionalism.

Our Story

We are young at heart and young as a company, but our personal track record is a serious one.
We have all worked with major clients, productions and agencies local and regional, as well with the international ones. Our experience leads us to conclusion that there is a need for a new approach: more client-friendly, personalized and specific, and at the same time faster, better and more cost-effective.
Instead of wondering why things can not be done better, we decided to just do it, so we got focused!

Who we are

Miloš Kvapil

Executive Producer

Luka Kijevčanin

Executive Producer

Gregor Kovačević

Creative Director

Focused Production d.o.o.
Karadjordjeva 41, II floor
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Office phone: +381 11 4032060